Tuesday, February 7, 2012

vintage dude...the 1974 Pendleton Westerley Cardigan

as a fan of the movie, The Big Lebowski, I sometimes pay attention to the "Big Lebowski Sweaters" offered on Ebay...this latest one scored a nifty $350 at hammer-time, a great days pay in my book...seems the folks who used to dress up in their teens to The Rocky Horror Picture Show back in the 80s are still dressing up...Lebowski Fests abound, and hey, it's pretty easy to dress-up as an "overweight lazy aging hippy dude"...all you need is the SWEATER!...the real deal (and the Star of the Movie) is the original Pendleton "Westerly" Cardigan Sweater, introduced in 1974 and sold well into early 80s...this wooly sweater was super-Warm, super-High Quality and super-Expensive back-in-the-day...hard-to-find, yes but not impossible...as a buyer, if you can find one under $300 grab it, as a seller, if you can find one___now that's a REAL THRIFT SCORE!!!

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