Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain...

so yesterday, I grab a cup of coffee and turn on my computer...usually I open right away to my facebook page...and the very first post, from another Vintage Dealer was this haunting photo of Kurt Cobain holding a crucifix and noting that today was his birthday...so later in the day as I begin my rounds, and on the very first stop, as I walk in and notice this crucifix, just like the one that I saw in the photo first thing this same morning...I kinda thought that was odd...but not as odd, I guess, as imagining what a 50 year old Kurt Cobain would look like today on his birthday...Happy Birthday Kurt and Happy Hunting to the rest of you...Kevin junkpalace

Monday, February 6, 2017

1940's 50's Race Car Driver Fashion...


   before there were Fire-Suits, Team Uniforms and Safety Regulations, race drivers wore what was comfortable and developed their own personal style...most notably were the Open Wheel Drivers, and being totally exposed and visible from the cockpit, not only were their driving skills on display but their sense of fashion as well...above is what the well-dressed "throttle-jockey" was wearing back in the late 40's early 50's...Happy Hunting!

btw...several haved asked...most of these pics are about 1946-1954...all East Coast Sprint and Midget Drivers...NJ NY CT Philly area...most of these vintage photos were borrowed from the Back In The Day w ARDC  Facebook Page and are from the Ron Heddendorf Collection...THANKS for looking! Kevin