Thursday, January 19, 2012

banned vintage...

this morning I opened my computer to find that one of my Ebay listings had been removed...actually it wasn't even scheduled to begin until tonight, very efficient, those Ebay coppers...the listing was for a Pair of 1960s-70s Tyrol Chukka Boots...the boots are made of real Seal-Skin and even though it was legal back when the boots were made, the seal is now on the Endangered Species List and such products, no matter when they were produced are not allowed, unless of course, they were produced by a genuine Native American...really, I don't have a problem with this's their busines, I'm just a guest, and they should have the right to impliment whatever rules and regulations they like, after all there are other for me, I should have known, I did feel a tad creepy when I purchased the boots, but "creepy" sells and I was more concerned about making a dollar, I still am...
Here's the official policy...
Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because of the following:

Your 70s vtg Tyrol Eskimo Boots fur snow shoes ski chukka jacket Men 8.5 Wmns 10.5 are made of Seal Fur, which are endangered animals. Marine mammal products can only be listed on eBay if the item has first been converted into an article of clothing or handicraft item by an Alaskan Native artisan (US) or First Nations artisan (CA).

We understand that you may have not been aware of this policy, and this notice is to simply make sure that you are aware of it going forward. Please do not relist the item. You will see other items like yours on the site because they have not been reviewed yet. We realize it is frustrating to see other items listed when yours has been removed, but please understand that as we remove listings, other items get listed. We encourage you to report those items to us, using the 'report item' link, for review as this policy applies to every seller.
Because of state and federal regulations on the sale of live animals, plants, and wildlife products, we have some restrictions on the kinds of items you can sell on eBay.
We don't allow listings for marine animal products (such as those made from sea otters, whales, porpoise, dolphins, and seals) unless they've been transformed into an authentic Alaskan Native handicraft or clothing, and you have all the necessary state, federal, and international permits to sell the items.

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