Friday, July 20, 2012

more vintage sweaters...getting work done

   on the softer side of workwear are these Chore Sweaters or Spa Jackets...these vintage Cardigans can get the job done!...sometimes like a cross between a sweatshirt and a sweater and sometimes with a very tight Wool weave, double or triple stitched, reinforced stitched elbows and heavy oversized buttons (the pictured Wilwin has an amazing Crown Bell Zipper)...the dual Waist Pockets are a "must have" for nuts and bolts in the factory setting...enjoy these 1940s era examples from our files, some were ours and some were snagged from recent ebay listings, but for sure, keep your eyes peeled as these often reel-off in the $350-$450 range, making these vintage Work Sweaters a real "Thrift Score"...

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